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McLaren Certified Pre-Owned

All certified preowned McLarens undergo a severe inspection process dictated by the manufacturer to ensure that the vehicle will uphold the highest standards of McLaren. After a McLaren meets the standards of the manufacturer, the manufacturer gives the buyer a warranty and a stamp of approval that the car has met their standards and is in great condition. This allows clients to buy the used McLaren with confidence to drive off the lot knowing that if something major goes wrong, the manufacturer and Park Place Dealerships (an authorized McLaren retailer) will honor the warranty.           

If you're shopping for a certified preowned (CPO) vehicle, be aware that not all programs are the same. Different vehicles and different manufacturers have different warranties and different inspection processes. Our Park Place Dallas McLaren dealer will be happy to familiarize you with the McLaren inspection process. Regardless of the differences in the programs, McLaren clients really can't go wrong when it comes to certified preowned McLaren vehicles. That's because McLaren manufacturing wont allow just any car to qualify as a certified used or qualified McLaren. You won't find a 10-year-old car in a certified preowned program. Rather, the vehicles tend to be automobiles that are freshly out of lease and generally less than four years old. Certified Pre-owned McLaren cars offer more for your money and peace of mind that is priceless.

Our clients are increasingly buying certified used and qualified McLarens over uncertified vehicles. The proof is in the steady increase in the number of certified preowned or qualified vehicles sold.  CPO McLaren cars are good for the you as our client, good for Park Place Dealerships, and good for McLaren. As the client you will receive a used McLaren that is in better condition and has a warranty. McLaren enjoys a reputation for having more reliable used vehicles through this CPO/Qualified McLaren program.