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New GT - McLaren Dallas

New rules. New breed.

Traditionally, the Grand Tourer is heavy. And compromised. The new McLaren GT is neither. Put simply, it reimagines what Grand Touring means. And feels like.

All the core ingredients are here… A design with presence and elegance. A depth of refinement and finely-honed details. Ride comfort for an effortless drive. Ample space for driver, passenger and luggage… But you’ll now find these Grand Tourer attributes in a car that also delivers breath-taking performance. Alongside exquisite handling balance and total driver engagement.

McLaren DNA makes the difference. Everywhere. A new, mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V8 engine. The specially developed lightweight MonoCell II-T carbon fibre chassis. An intuitive new infotainment system. It all adds up to the quickest accelerating car in its class. Which cossets and inspires, as you cross continents in modern luxury.

Exhiliaration in comfort

We believe a Grand Tourer shouldn’t feel like retirement. With the new McLaren GT, the accepted limitations no longer apply. So you can now drive a true Grand Tourer without excess weight and numb handling. And choose a pure-bred performance car that cocoons its occupants in tactile refinement.

Pioneering McLaren design and engineering make this possible. Our latest Proactive Damping Control suspension delivers comfort and driver-tuneable handling. The innovative carbon fibre structure ensures the new McLaren GT is hundreds of kilograms lighter than the traditional Grand Tourer. And incorporates a spacious, easily accessed rear luggage bay that can swallow two skis or a full bag of golf clubs.

Specially developed Pirelli P ZERO™ tyres provide huge grip in all conditions, and enhance steering feel. But they’re also engineered to prioritise comfort and reduce noise. When driving at normal speeds, the steering, transmission and ground clearance ensure effortless, refined progress.