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McLaren 600LT Spider - McLaren Dallas

A pure focus. The relentless pursuit of performance. This is what shapes every McLaren LT…

Now, the extreme engineering and exhilarating engagement of the 600LT fuse with a new intensity. The rush. The sounds. The scents, sights and sensations of open-air driving, taken… to the very edge.

This is a car that brings you the raw speed, acceleration and driver feedback of the Coupe… but with the added thrill of being open to the world around you. This is the McLaren 600LT Spider.

Welcome to the edge. Amplified.

Design. Presence.

Aggressive. Radical. Imposing. The 600LT Spider is defined by the muscular forms, sharp lines and elongated tail of LT. Carbon fibre aerodynamic elements are sculpted to the extreme. A lower, wider profile imparts an ominous stance. Ready to unleash mind-blowing performance.

Dramatic rear buttresses. Iconic Dihedral doors. The signature daytime running lights – now darkened and featuring a bespoke 600LT design. And, of course, the menacing snarl of the engine bursting from the trademark top-exit exhaust.

But in the 600LT Spider, it’s the retractable hard top that changes the game. At the touch of a button, the world beyond the cockpit comes rushing in. The spine-tingling roar of that ferocious engine. But also the rush of the air. The smell of combustion. The unique sense of closeness with the road beneath you. And the world around you.

The open-air LT experience is so powerful it will stay with you. And redefine the way you think about driving.